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Podcast – Darabase in conversation with Jason McDowall on The AR Show

The AR Show is probably the world’s most listened to and prestigious podcast, diving deep into the emerging world of Augmented Reality and focuses on the underlying technologies. The show features interviews with entrepreneurs, executives, investors and early adopters to extract insights that inform and inspire.

The AR Show is hosted by Jason McDowall, an “entrepreneur, advisor, angel investor, executive in the space, product guy, and overly curious person with an engineering background”. He has co-founded three companies (mobile, enterprise SaaS) and worked as the director/VP/Head of Product at a couple of others, including He is currently an executive at Ostendo, a startup in the smart-glasses space which is still in stealth mode.

As CEO of Darabase, I am honoured to feature on the show alongside leaders in the industry from the likes of Apple, Amazon, Qualcomm, North Focals (recently acquired by Alphabet/Google), Microsoft, Zappar and Unity and have the opportunity to converse widely with Jason about the challenges and opportunities as the AR and Immersive industry grows.

We talk about the set of circumstances that led me to work with major property owners to help them control what digital content appears on their physical buildings.

We also talk about taking the best of traditional Out-of-Home advertising and how to apply it to the complex arena of property rights within augmented reality.

You can find links to the podcast on your favourite platform and show notes can be found here:

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