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The Legal Lens on Augmented Reality for 2021

Darabase was born out of the belief that, for world-scale commercial augmented reality to become mainstream, all interested parties need to be engaged and rewarded appropriately. We can have an intellectual debate about whether digital content persistently layered in a physical location is “really there” or only on the viewer’s device, but media and regulation has shown time and again that best practice, brand safe and permission-based activity is needed to drive mainstream adoption by the biggest companies.

When we think about AR outdoor media, i.e. placing commercial content in locations to reach and influence an audience within a “camera-first” digital experience, there are many parallels with traditional Out Of Home media. The laws and regulations that drive the advertising industry are well established and accepted.

In an environment where AR-specific law has not yet been written or tested, there are many existing rules, regulations and industry best practices that are already applicable to immersive media.

Leading law firm Freeths, who specialise in both property and IP law, have written a White Paper looking into the IP, legal and regulatory considerations for property owners from location-based Augmented Reality.

It is definitely worth reading for anyone interested in this space. You can download it here.

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