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Darabase powers Mobile AR on Piccadilly Lights for Landsec & Ocean

Darabase are today announcing a partnership with Landsec and Ocean Outdoor to connect spectacular Mobile AR interactive 3D experiences triggered from the iconic screen to audiences on location.

Developed in association with Darabase and delivered via our platform, the technology uses a range of techniques including a virtual model to replicate the sweep and scale of the Piccadilly screen to deliver large-scale mobile AR experiences which amplify the big screen content on a viewer’s mobile handset.

By connecting audiences to the screen via Piccadilly’s wifi network and 4G/5G networks, mobile AR allows individuals to see and play with dynamic, interactive 3D content which sits proud of and surrounds the screen.

For example, audiences can use their handsets to pop a cork from a 3D champagne bottle to release a flow of bubbles, activate a virtual fireworks display, or play interactive games such as throwing a virtual javelin by flicking the spear across Piccadilly and into the screen as part of an Olympics experience.

To learn more get in touch.

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