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Darabase launches Augmented Reality cocktail experience for W Hotel, Abu Dhabi as part of Aldar innovation project

Following our involvement in the Aldar Scale Up accelerator in 2022, Darabase were commissioned by Aldar’s innovation team, Immerse to launch a pilot project with the W Abu Dhabi – Yas Island.

The creative immerses the user in a full 360 view of the W Lounge bar and has been designed to create an interactive, informative and fun experience for visitors while driving sales of the bar’s famous signature cocktails.

Guests are presented with a drinks menu featuring ingredients, imagery and pricing information and they can mix their own cocktails in augmented reality. They can also watch a video showing how the expert mixologist creates the signature cocktails.

Once they’ve mixed their virtual cocktails, guests can order the real thing straight from the experience. When the order is submitted, it is sent through to a back end ordering system which is monitored by bar staff, who can see the table number, prepare the drinks and then take them directly to the customers.

The augmented reality cocktail experience is activated by a QR code from table signage and digital screens within the hotel’s W Lounge.  When accessed outside the bar, users can mix their own cocktails in AR and take a photo of their creation to share with their friends. Hopefully they will be enticed to visit the bar and  they can book a table at the W Lounge from the experience.

You can try the experience for yourself from your mobile device here but to order a drink you’ll need to visit W Abu Dhabi.

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