AR Ad Format Demos

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Just scan the QR code using your phone’s camera and then if asked to do so point at the trigger image for each product to view our products in webAR.


Our Video Mega Screen product is the perfect way to bring your campaign to life by leveraging existing video media for greater impact. Try it for yourself and read about how Samsung used this product to deliver great campaign results.

Video demo QR code


Advertise your brand or campaign with our AR blimp flying out of the poster or screen creative. Featured content can include text, images and video.

Blimp demo QR code


Using taxi media? We are the exclusive AR media company for UK taxis so you can now wrap an augmented reality taxi with your campaign creative as well as the real ones for extended engagement and viral sharing. Also include a campaign video for deeper engagement.

Taxi Demo QR Code


With four faces to display text and imagery with up to four target URLs, a cube is a quick and simple method of creating an interactive AR experience for your brand. A more specific overall call to action can also be added.

Cube Demo QR Code


Similar to the cube, the tower has four faces and can be used in either landcsape or portrait format but has more real estate to present core messaging.

Tower Demo QR Code

Audio Sync

A QR code is incorporated within a video which triggers Darabase’s patent pending Audio Sync technology so users can play audio for the video on their own device.

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