Darabase – Product- Property & Content Portal

Manage and Monetise AR Content

Register your properties on Darabase and start to control and monetise what AR content is being displayed.  Set permissions for third party content and set up your own campaigns to drive engagement and action through location-based AR.

Property & Permissions Registry

It is simple and free to register your properties on Darabase and set permissions for what type of AR content you allow to be displayed, earning a new revenue stream from AR Outdoor Media.

Manage & Publish AR Content

Darabase makes it simple to set up your own AR content on your properties and stores. Create a campaign, display a QR code and use AR to create a digital layer of engagement on your physical location.

Control AR on Your Property

AR content is all around us, whether it be game content, social posts or virtual graffiti.  MonitAR helps you see this content and take action where necessary, mitigating risks and leveraging the opportunity from this exploding medium.

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