Darabase – Product – Augmenting Places & Spaces

Augmenting Places & Spaces

AR is shifting from augmenting faces, to places and spaces as the world around us starts to be painted with digital content and data.  Darabase’s technology enables compelling and immersive experiences to be placed persistently in locations, viewable my multiple users through their mobile devices and in the near future through AR smart-glasses.

Brand Experiences

Reach, surprise and delight audiences in locations with no existing outdoor media. Create immersive and interactive experiences at events, in iconic and urban locations, in and on retail stores and even in your customers’ own homes.


Use location-based AR to create compelling and immersive experiences in and around your properties to drive community engagement, visits and retail footfall and sales.

Property Marketing

Whether for planning, sales and marketing or community engagement, AR enables you to show the future view of both existing building transformations and new developments. Visualise at scale and in situ, layered on the existing property and location.

‘Back in Time’ at Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin

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