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Brand & Agencies

Use the latest AR technology in your brand content and advertising campaigns to delight and engage your customers and target audience.

Darabase makes it simple to add world-scale AR to your brand and advertising campaigns

Augment Existing OOH

Trigger spatial, immersive experiences from digital screens and billboards to add an interactive layer and drive digital actions and insights.

AR Content in Iconic Locations

Place and promote amazing AR activations on iconic buildings and locations at a scale and impact impossible for traditional outdoor media assets.

PR & Comms Events

Extend the reach and impact of location-based AR activity beyond those who see it in situ by leveraging digital assets of the experience in other media, from social to broadcast.

Social Media Engagement

Encourage and incentivise those who do experience the AR campaign to personalise it and share with their friends and connections, extending the campaign reach and value.

Customer Snapshot – Octopus Energy

As part of a campaign to engage customers and their families during engineer visits, Darabase invented the ‘ImmersiVan’ (sorry!) to give an underwater animated experience in the vehicles

Our Partners

Monica Merino
Monica Merino
Octopus Energy

Darabase created a really fun and engaging branded AR experience triggered from our unique Octopus Energy vans. Families having an engineer visit could bring the vans to life by revealing an animation of the inside of the van. Makes engineering visits friendlier and more entertaining for customers.

James Klein

Augmented Reality is already a multi-billion dollar advertising industry, yet legally there is no real consensus on who can do what, where. Darabase is perfectly positioned to assist in creating the structure the industry needs to safe and responsible AR advertising.

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