DARABASE – Outdoor Media Owners

Outdoor Media Owners

Create new commercial opportunities by offering AR experiences on your existing media assets to your brand partners.

Darabase makes it simple to add amazing AR content to your existing locations

Digital Screens

Add interactive and immersive 3D experiences to on-screen content to drive engagement, sharing and sales. Use Darabase’s patent pending technology to accurately synchronise audio on the viewer’s mobile / headphones to the silent video on public screens.


Make flat and static posters come to life in AR, adding video, games, audio and even wayfinding to lead the viewer from the billboard to the nearest store.

Turnkey AR Ad Formats

Darabase has developed a range of unique AR ad formats to make it simple, quick and cost effective to create and launch immersive 3D experiences on existing OOH media.

Bespoke AR solutions

If you’re looking to create a bespoke ‘wow’ experience for your campaign, Darabase’s team can act as a fully turnkey solution or can work alongside your existing team and agencies to inject the AR know-how into the project and deliverables.

Customer Snapshot – Piccadilly Lights AR

Darabase is Landsec and Ocean Outdoor’s AR technology partner, bringing to life advertising and media campaigns on the iconic digital screen in the heart of London.

Darabase partners with the Heart of London Business Alliance (HOLBA), Landsec and the Royal Academy artist Isaac Julien CBE to create an Augmented Reality experience in Piccadilly Circus.

Our Partners

Catherine Morgan
Ocean Outdoor

We are working with Landsec to provide rich, immersive, visual experiences. Darabase’s screen-triggered mobile AR is the next big step in these advancements, allowing advertisers to use the content that is generated to drive footfall in the moment and to prime their wider mobile media campaigns.

Antonio Vincenti

We are delighted about our partnership with Darabase to deliver Augmented Reality enhanced compelling and magical Out Of Home activations. Through this partnership we will be able, once again, to bring cutting edge OOH innovation to our markets & clients.

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Oliver Murray – Partnership Director