Darabase – Product- Augmenting Piccadilly Lights

Augmenting Piccadilly Lights

Darabase  is enabling a new innovative AR Outdoor Media product on the iconic Piccadilly Lights screen, in partnership with owner Landsec and Ocean Outdoor, specialists in global digital screen locations.  Our technology connects spectacular Mobile AR interactive 3D and audio experiences triggered from the iconic screen to audiences in location.

Product Interaction

Add an interactive and immersive layer to on-screen creative, bringing to life brands and products in 3D on the viewer’s device.  Explore and experience the product and then click through to the brand’s site to discover more.


Drive footfall directly from Piccadilly Circus to an advertiser’s nearby stores with AR wayfinding and map-based directions.  Track retail sales from on-screen promotion.

Interactivity and Games

AR is the perfect medium to layer fun and entertaining experiences on outdoor media, with the viewers using their own mobile devices to interact with an AR layer on the screen.

Butterflies Across Piccadilly Circus

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