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Property Companies

As digital content is increasingly layered on the physical world, take control of how your buildings and locations are leveraged in augmented reality.

Darabase has a range of unique solutions for property companies

Earn Revenue

Create a new incremental revenue stream by allowing AR Media to be displayed on your assets, just like today’s traditional outdoor industry model.

Sales & Marketing

Show property projects in situ and at scale in AR, assisting planning applications, communications, marketing and sales.

Digital Placemaking

Use immersive experiences in location to encourage visits, footfall and engagement, including wayfinding, arts and culture and interactive activations.

Protect Your Properties

Register your property to manage and control the value of AR content being displayed on your buildings.  Understand and visualise what AR content is already on your property and where relevant, request its removal.

Grosvenor and Darabase partners to create 11 AR experiences and an interactive map to guide and delight visitors to Belgravia in Bloom 2021

Our Partners

Liam Timms
Liam Timms
International Towers

The Darabase project will see us recognised as the leading community space in the public’s eye. With the Darabase technology there are so many amazing opportunities we can look at in different spaces, public and internal.

Derek Manns

At Piccadilly Lights we are always innovating with market leading solutions to engage and entertain the audience.  The opportunity to develop mobile AR solutions with Darabase and extend the creative canvas of the Lights is an exciting opportunity that we are delighted to bring to the market.

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