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Leverage the digital and experiential power of AR in retail environments to engage shoppers and drive footfall and sales.

Bring physical and digital commerce together with AR in stores and malls

Experiential Retail

From interactive store-fronts to fully immersive pop-up stores, use AR as the ‘connective tissue’ between digital and physical commerce.

Offers and Promotions

Surprise and delight customers with AR displayed offers and promotions in-store to drive footfall, engagement, social sharing and sales.

AR Wayfinding

Take customers by the virtual hand with AR wayfinding. Help them to find a store, navigate a mall or browse inside a shop with additional product information and offers.

Engagement and Loyalty

Leverage AR to create and display content and promotions that are specifically viewable by existing customers or local residents and workers as part of a loyalty and retention programme.

Customer Snapshot – Appear[here]

Darabase has partnered with Appear Here to offer a range of AR technology and tools to brands who rent short term retail properties and pop-up spaces.

AR works for Experiential Retail


AR delivers large audiences, improved engagement and a digital experience in the physical store.


of retail space dedicated to experiences vs product by 2025

1 Billion

Monthly users of mobile AR globally


more memory encoding in AR, driving recall, engagement and purchase consideration


longer engagement than video. Average engagement time for AR is 75 seconds

Our Partners

Tim Peacock

All the biggest tech companies in the world have plans for how immersive and AR content will be placed seamlessly in the world around us.  Property companies and retailers need to figure out how to harness the significant opportunity to create incremental value in this emerging space.  We are excited to be exploring this area with Darabase to help us understand the digital layer on our physical properties.

Alan Smithson
XR for Business

Darabase seems perfectly positioned to capture the mobile phone market — which is in the billions of devices — and then be perfectly situated for when AR moves to glasses.

We’d love to see how we can help