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Darabase augments Octopus Energy’s ImmersiVans

Octopus Energy gave Darabase the unique challenge and brief to see how augmented reality could be used to engage with their family customers during an engineer visit, especially while the children are home-schooling and looking for some extra interactivity in their day.

Octopus Energy have already engaged their customers around their fun and unique brand character Constantine, giving out colouring sheets and kids activity packs

At Darabase we looked at the end to end customer journey and as an AR Outdoor Media company, we figured it would be an interesting challenge to see how we could bring to life the striking Octopus Energy engineer vans.

It’s one thing adding an AR experience to a billboard,digital screen or building – it’s quite another to work out how to peel back the side of a vehicle in AR, when it can be shiny, dirty, light or dark! Working with our creative partners at Zappar, we built a unique AR experience that gives customers a glimpse inside the “ImmersiVans” (sorry, we couldn’t resist!), revealing a huge animated aquarium where Constantine the octopus is hard at work with all his tentacles creating his eco-friendly electricity. 

To drive awareness of the campaign, it was promoted on the activity packs given out to the customer families, using a QR code to simply link to the WebAR experience hosted on Darabase’s platform. Octopus Energy are also now adding teaser QR codes to their vehicles to extend the reach of the campaign, reaching a new audience as their vans are out and about signing up new customers and installing smart meters.

Finally to drive social sharing, users can choose to take an underwater selfie with Constantine and his fishy buddies to share with their friends.

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