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The global registry, rules engine & content platform to manage and monetise Property Digital Rights in Real World & Virtual Metaverses.


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Our Digital Future is Immersive



people globally use augmented
reality on their mobile



are engaging in a virtual metaverse

A Worldwide
Digital Canvas

The world around us is becoming the canvas for digital content and iconic and recognisable buildings and locations are increasingly being leveraged in virtual metaverses and digital games.

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Property Digital Rights

Your Property
Digital Footprint

For outdoor media today, existing laws, and regulations and best practice mean you need the property owner’s permission to display advertising in their locations.

This is also the case for AR content layered on the physical world and is increasingly required where you reproduce a recognisable building inside a virtual metaverse, just like how stadiums are licensed to appear in sports console games.

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Property Digital Rights

As the real world and virtual metaverses develop and become ever more prevalent, Darabase has established a new set of property rights, what we call Property Digital Rights (PDRs). Similar to air or mineral Rights, PDRs create incremental asset value for a property. They do this by allowing property owners and managers to control and monetise the “digital canvas” that maps to their physical assets.

How it Works

Learn more about how Property Digital Rights work by following our example journey

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Take Control and Create Incremental Value

Earn Revenue

Earn revenue by allowing AR/VR advertising to be displayed on the property and select which content categories are enabled/disabled.

Take Control

Decide to not allow any AR content to be displayed on the property where Darabase controls the inventory.

Create AR Campaigns

Set up and manage your own AR content and campaigns to be displayed on your property, e.g. retail offers and promotions.

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