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About Us

Darabase was founded in 2019 to enable a permission based, brand safe, user-centric immersive digital future. We are building the global registry rules engine content platform to manage and monetise Property Digital Rights in Real World and Virtual Metaverses.

Darabase is a unique platform enabling the creation, management and monetisation of location-based digital content in the real world and virtual metaverses.

Darabase partners with…

  • Property Companies to understand and leverage the value of the Property Digital Rights associated with their real world and metaverse assets and estates.
  • Crypto Investors to share in the future monetisation of the immersive web through investing in iconic and valuable AR and VR rights and inventory.
  • Brands & Advertisers to reach target audiences in location with interactive and immersive content.
  • App & Web Publishers / Platforms to monetise their experiences by serving advertising and commercial content in high quality, permission based AR and VR inventory.

The Darabase team is headquartered in London, UK and has operations and subsidiaries in the USA, Canada, Australia and the Middle East.