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Welcoming Jason Baldwin – Darabase’s new Chief Technology Officer

I’ve recently joined Darabase as Chief Technology Officer, supporting Dominic, David and the rest of the Darabase team with all things technology. They’ve let me loose with this blog article to introduce myself!

Prior to joining Darabase I’ve had leadership roles in marketing and eCommerce technology as a consultant working with global brands. More recently, I’ve been leading the development of marketing technology platforms and coordinating global product management within WPP Global and the wider WPP family of agencies.

Looking forward, I’m thrilled to join Darabase at this very exciting time. AR glasses are reappearing (I have the original Google Glass), and mobile devices are more capable than ever. Augmented reality is in mainstream consumer use, think of all those filters in social media, it’s becoming a natural way to express and communicate with each other.

Until telepathy becomes a thing, we’re always going to need a medium with which to communicate, either directly via speech, or using an often technology based tool. In my mind, AR, VR and Mixed Realities (XR) are the next expanding set of communications technologies, and we’re really only just beginning to understand how to use these technologies.

Being at the forefront of what experiences people will be able to interact with, based on where they are, who they’re with and the opportunities this provides is endless. The observed places and environments they enter is where the Darabase platform plays a key role.

I’m looking forward to getting stuck in with the team, building tech, playing with XR, blockchain, devices and glasses, expanding the way we communicate and interact with the world. Lofty, that’s just my residual self image 😉

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