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Oliver Murray Joins Darabase as Partnership Director

“The pace of change will never be this slow again”. I heard this at a conference I was speaking at 5 years ago from Unilever’s Head of Digital Transformation. I was there to talk about how Out Of Home (OOH) and its digital revolution would change how the medium works, is consumed, and is the key complimentary channel to Mobile. I still believe this to be fundamentally true, but then I started seeing AR solutions and “the pace of change”, picked up the pace….

As an almost 20 year veteran of OOH, I strongly believe in public media, targeting real people, in the real world, at the right time, and most importantly, in the right place. Listening to Darabase’s Co-Founders, Dominic and David, it was clear that there was synergy with Darabase and its current proposition but more importantly, the Property Digital Rights solution could well surpass OOH entirely.

Fast forward to now and I am a Darabase employee and have just returned from GITEX in Dubai, the largest world tech future gathering. Having the opportunity to discuss the blockchain platform with experts from the tech world, it was clear the idea is strong and respected. 

Using my OOH experience, media and brand connections, I hope to continue what has been started and accelerate the business in two ways. Firstly, to support and grow the great work we are doing in location based AR campaigns for brands and partners.  Secondly, to build on the narrative for .IO and support Dominic & David in making this a world class PropTech platform and the future of AR Digital OOH.

On a personal level, I am really excited about working with the passionate and talented team that make up the business, and hope to prove I’m a worthy member of the team.

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