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Darabase Wins 8th Wall Sky Effects Challenge for Creativity

We’re so thrilled to have won the Most Cre8tive award in 8th Wall’s Sky Effects Challenge for our project Planet ExplorAR.

The team from Darabase created Planet ExplorAR to bring our spectacular solar system to life in augmented reality.  It was specifically designed to be an educational tool for children, encouraging them to get outside, take a walk and discover the sounds and sights of the planets in the sky above them.

As you hold up your phone, the planets appear in the sky above you, appearing in order as you walk and explore. Spin the planets to read information about them and listen to the music of Gustav Holst’s The Planets which brings to life their personalities; the tranquility of Venus, the mystery of Neptune and the tension of Mars.

The 8th Wall Judging panel said:

“This WebAR educational experience seamlessly integrates art and science to create an immersive and interactive experience for children that feels more fun than learning and gets them outside. Judges were impressed by the overall use of 8th Wall, Javascript, A-Frame, and Google Maps for the location-based logic.”

The 8th Wall Sky Effects Challenge ran for a month in March and there were 71 entries in total from developers across the world.

So what is Sky Effects? Sky Effects is a brand new feature in Niantic’s 8th Wall which allows developers to augment the sky with webAR. Before now, webAR had been very much focussed on the ground. Our creative team is really excited about the potential usage for future projects – the sky’s the limit, quite literally!

You can try the experience for yourself here.

Get in touch with our Partnership’s Team if you’d like to know how we can help bring your campaigns to life in augmented reality.