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Darabase featured in Property Week for AR bowling game in shopping centre

Just before Christmas, Darabase launched an AR bowling game in Churchill Square shopping centre in Brighton in collaboration with Bewonder*. The game aims to drive footfall and increase dwell time in store and make the most of vacant units and has been featured in Property Week by Simon Creasey.

Below is an excerpt from the feature – the full article can be found here behind registration, though it’s free for up to four articles.

AR bowling game set to drive footfall at Brighton shopping centre

Up Your Alley uses vacant retail units in a bid to drive footfall and increase dwell time at the shopping centre. Vacant store windows have been styled by marketing company Bewonder to look like a retro bowling alley with props and artwork to promote the immersive AR 10-pin bowling game.

Shoppers are encouraged to scan a QR code that launches the Up Your Alley WebAR experience and allows them to play a game of virtual bowling on their device that is geo-locked to their physical location in the shopping centre.

The names of the highest scoring players are displayed on screens in store windows and players can enter a monthly draw to win a £50 Churchill Square gift card.

This is the second time that Property Week has written a feature about Darabase. In June 2019, Simon Creasey wrote about How Darabase aims to be ‘an Experian for augmented reality permissions‘.

If you would like to find out how Darabase can help engage your visitors by leveraging the digital and experiential power of AR you can contact us here.

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